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Reform and Practice of “School” and “Park” Cooperative Talent Training Model for Preschool Education Majors

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.049


Zheng Yingling

Corresponding Author

Zheng Yingling


With the continuous deepening of economic globalization, my country's education industry has also undergone tremendous reforms. The development of the education industry has always been closely related to high-quality and high-quality talents, and the pre-school education major in universities is also the main way to train prospective teachers. However, in recent years, the pre-school education talents cultivated by colleges and universities cannot quickly adapt to the requirements of the industry when they enter the work position. It is also difficult for the newly recruited teachers in kindergartens to grow up. The “school” and “garden” cooperative talent training model has gradually replaced the traditional Unilateral training model in universities. Under this circumstance, this article mainly studies the problems in the preschool education “school” and “garden” cooperative talent training model, and then proposes corresponding strategies, and finally delivers more professional and higher quality talents for preschool education.


Preschool education; “school” and “park” cooperation; Talent training