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Research on the Status Quo and Development of University Teachers' Informationized Teaching Ability

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.048


Rubing Han, Dexue Ye

Corresponding Author

Rubing Han


The level of informatization teaching ability is an important basis for testing the quality of teachers from beginning to end, and it is also a touchstone for testing the quality of classroom teaching. The role played in the construction of the entire university cannot be ignored. It is precisely because of this that this article will also take efficient construction as the starting point, based on the construction of the teaching team, analyze the development status of teachers' information teaching ability, and explain the main reasons that affect their ability progress, and list effective ways to develop teachers' ability , I hope to give some enlightenment to colleges and universities, just for the purpose of inviting others.


High-efficiency classroom; Informatization teaching ability; Development status; Measure analysis