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Business English Writing Teaching Based on Network Case Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.040


Wanrong Wang

Corresponding Author

Wanrong Wang


since the new curriculum standard was put forward by the state, the traditional teaching interaction based on model text and imitation teaching has not been able to meet the development requirements of the times, which not only hinders the improvement of students' comprehensive ability and learning initiative, but also is not conducive to the cultivation of students' innovative thinking and logical thinking ability. In Business English writing teaching activities, the traditional teaching mode can not cultivate more professional and high-level students, and the teaching work is not only inefficient but also low-quality. Therefore, network case teaching emerges as the times require, and is widely used in Business English writing teaching process. Under the application of network case teaching, business English writing teaching not only conforms to the development of the times, but also enables students to take business English writing seriously, thus providing necessary conditions for schools to cultivate talents in line with the requirements of the times. In this paper, through the analysis of the problems faced by business English writing teaching, the necessity and basic measures of network-based case teaching are discussed.


Network; Case teaching; Business english; Writing teaching