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The Value Pursuit of Information Technology Subject in Middle School: Digital Learning and Innovation

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.037


Mao Tao, Xiang Qianchen

Corresponding Author

Mao Tao


With the advent of Internet technology and the digital age, the current middle school information technology discipline is facing new development opportunities, and it also has the value of discipline education brought by the new era. With the continuous advancement of the new curriculum reform, the information technology discipline of middle schools must closely follow the development trend of the times and the various needs of education, and pay attention to the digitalization and innovation of its discipline development. From the perspective of the information technology discipline in the middle school, we will start a basic exposition of digital learning and innovation, and then analyze the discipline itself, research and summarize the ways and means to promote the pursuit of value at multiple levels before, during and after class. Methods, in order to ensure that the information technology disciplines of middle schools can keep up with the development trend of the times and future trends, and can effectively improve the teaching level and actual efficiency.


Middle school; Information technology subject; Value pursuit; Digital learning; Innovation