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The Enlightenment of “ College Students Doing Home Education “ to the Development of Contemporary Education in Tibet under the Belt and Road Field

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.033


Bofeng Yang

Corresponding Author

Bofeng Yang


With the continuous development of social economy and the popularization of education for all and popular education, the whole society has an increasing demand for individualized education resources, especially high-quality individualized education services are hard to find, and the existing education resources are difficult to average . As a result, college students at school have entered the public’s vision. Cheap, high-quality, and efficient have become the labels of most college students’ tutoring. Many college students have entered families with tutoring needs, which greatly compensates for the uneven distribution of educational resources and Lack of school education and subject education. At the same time, the tutoring market also has many drawbacks such as uneven teaching quality and violations of the rights and interests of college students due to factors such as information blockage and immature and unsound development. For Tibet, where the soil for educational growth is relatively poor, the tutoring of college students is more conducive to supplementing the shortcomings of local education development, and it is also more conducive to the realization of “teaching mutual benefit” between students and students, and to a certain extent promotes the basic education and higher education of the Tibet Autonomous Region Good and long-term development.


Tibet; Contemporary education development; The belt and road; College students do tutoring