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Research on Strategies for Improving Classroom Teaching Effectiveness in Colleges and Universities under the Background of Education Informatization -- Taking International Trade Major as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.029


Zhijian Wang

Corresponding Author

Zhijian Wang


The arrival of the information age has greatly promoted the classroom education facilitation, and higher schools are more and more aware of the information education to college classroom the importance of present, colleges and universities are committed to establishing the effectiveness of classroom teaching, and applying the information mode of education to the effective reform of classroom teaching and learning in high schools is conducive to realizing the goal of educational modernization and educational informatization. however, by investigating the current situation of classroom teaching in colleges and universities under the background of education informatization, it is found that there are some problems, such as the single form of intelligent teaching, the obsolete content, the lack of professional teachers and the lack of endogenous motivation of students. therefore, it is necessary for high school teachers to use information and information technology, integrate high school teaching and learning resources, create new teaching and learning form, complete good and intelligent teaching and learning content, stimulate students' learning initiative, so as to obtain good teaching effect.


Education informatization; College classroom teaching; Effectiveness; Strategy