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Research on Practical Training Teaching Reform of Electrical Automation Professional Skill Course from the Perspective of Craftsman Spirit

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.028


Weiming Chen, xingguang Chen

Corresponding Author

xingguang Chen


Spirit of horizon, electrical automation professional skill training curriculum teaching reform, analyzes the spirit of craftsman in electrical automation, the importance of the talent training so that the students in the mastery of professional knowledge at the same time can have spirit, better able to plunge into work, optimize the process technology and equipment innovation. there are too many basic theories, traditional teaching mode and lack of practical links, which are the problems existing in the course teaching of electrical automation professional skills. more basic theory courses will affect students' ability to master basic knowledge, and the teaching time is relatively short, which makes the practice teaching seriously lag behind and the teaching effect cannot be the teaching process of electrical automation professional skills in vocational colleges, many of them directly follow the teaching mode of ordinary colleges and universities, but such teaching mode is not applicable in vocational colleges. some colleges and universities still have the problem of lack of practice links. simple theoretical knowledge explanation can not meet the practical needs of course teaching and talent training. we should reform the traditional teaching concept and develop a new curriculum department, the construction of enterprise practice platform, repositioning the teaching objectives, in the teaching vigorously promote the spirit of craftsman, to improve the teaching effect.


Craftsman's spirit; Electrical automation professional skills course; Practical teaching reform