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Challenges and Countermeasures Faced by Online Teaching Models in Higher Vocational Colleges under the Background of Information Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.023


Qingjun Liang

Corresponding Author

Qingjun Liang


In view of the pneumonia epidemic in COVID-19 this year and the call of “stopping classes and learning”, higher vocational colleges apply information technology to actively carry out online teaching. However, due to the characteristics of online teaching in virtual space, relatively flexible time, weak heteronomy in practice and quality control based on big data, online teaching in higher vocational colleges faces multiple challenges. Therefore, teachers should update their teaching concepts, improve the ability of organizing online teaching, and improve students' awareness and ability of autonomous learning. The teaching management department should establish strategic thinking and improve the management ability of taking big data as the countermeasure.


Information background; Higher vocational colleges; Online teaching; Challenge; Countermeasures