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Research on the Significance, Characteristics and Path of China's Construction of First-Class Undergraduate Education

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.020


Kedong Wang

Corresponding Author

Kedong Wang


Building a first-class undergraduate education is the current common strategic task of Chinese higher education. Why build first-class undergraduate education? What kind of first-class undergraduate education to build? How to build a first-class undergraduate education? This is a problem faced by Chinese universities. After analysis and research on the law of higher education development and the development trend of the world’s education powers, building a first-class undergraduate education is China’s need to respond to international competition, the content of building a high-quality education system, and the foundation for building a first-class university and first-class discipline. With advanced concepts, first-class conditions, diversification, and individualized training models, Chinese universities need to achieve this goal through changes in concepts, teacher responsibilities, student interests, and professional development.


Higher education; First-class undergraduate education; Significance; Characteristics; Path