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Analysis on the Challenges and Countermeasures of College Students Management Work in the Big Data Era

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.018


Zhongming Liu, zhengwu Liu

Corresponding Author

zhengwu Liu


With the development of the current era and social progress, a series of changes have taken place in people's production and life. The Internet has greatly facilitated and facilitated people's production and life, and the era of big data has gradually begun. In today’s era, great changes have taken place in education, production, life, technology and other aspects. As the cradle of continuous delivery of high-level talents for the times and society, the education and management models of colleges and universities are at the forefront of the times. The student management work of is also greatly influenced by the times. This article briefly analyzes and discusses the challenges and strategies of college student management in the era of big data.


Challenges; Countermeasures; College students; Management work; Big data era