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Current Situation and Cultivation of Medical Students' Legal Consciousness Education Based on Competency

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.015


Xin Li, Jingjing Guan

Corresponding Author

Xin Li


Cultivating and enhancing medical students' legal awareness is an important educational content in medical colleges and universities, a prerequisite and foundation for cultivating and transporting qualified medical and health personnel for the society, and an important way to effectively solve the doctor-patient relationship. In recent years, many medical disputes are caused by the weak legal awareness of medical staff. Although medical students in colleges and universities in China are involved in some basic legal knowledge, they are not very optimistic from the overall level of legal knowledge. This paper explores the importance and ways of cultivating medical students' legal awareness, and summarizes the important role played by legal awareness in the learning process of medical students and the related training ways.


Competency characteristics; Medical students; Legal awareness; Culture