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The Application of English Newspapers and Periodicals in English Reading Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.012


Zhuo Zhang, Chunmei Yu

Corresponding Author

Chunmei Yu


In students’ English learning, English reading ability is one of the basic skills that students must master according to the new curriculum standards. English reading ability is closely related to the basic skills of listening, speaking, writing and translation, therefore, improving students’ English reading ability and level is one of the most important tasks for English teachers. And it is very important to find a way that can not only improve students’ interest in reading, but also improve their reading level. As an auxiliary teaching material, English newspapers and periodicals are novel, abundant, interesting and practical. If it is applied to the English reading teaching, it may be able to achieve a certain effect.


Newspaper; Periodicals; English reading teaching