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Analysis on the Application of Historical Film and Television Information on History Education

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.010


Hui Wang

Corresponding Author

Hui Wang


With the continuous update of film and television works, its auxiliary teaching function has become increasingly prominent, becoming an important means for the majority of frontline history teachers to impart knowledge. This educational method of delivering knowledge to students with both sound and action images transforms film and television works into curriculum resources, and is constantly “reshaping history”, which can create historical situations, improve the effectiveness of classroom teaching, and cultivate students' historical thinking Ability to combine science education and life education, so that the new curriculum reform “student comprehensive and individual development” teaching concept can be implemented. However, when many teachers use film and television works for teaching, they often choose films at will, and there are even problems such as the mismatch between the theme of the film and the teaching content, and the film and television works have not played an icing on the cake. In order to let the film and television works do their best, the author puts forward several improvement measures and suggestions in the aspect of playing film and television works in the history classroom, hoping that the film and television works can become a weapon for front-line teachers in classroom teaching.


Television information; History education; Historical education