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Lithography-free surface enhanced nonlinear absorption of chalcogenide film

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DOI: 10.25236/isaiee.2020.029


Jianxing Zhao and Jianhong Zhou

Corresponding Author

Jianhong Zhou


We experimentally study the nonlinear absorption enhancement of chalcogenide Ge28Sb12Se60 (GSS) films by using lithography-free metasurface structure. The antennas that support localized surface plasmon are randomly distributed on the substrate, which is generated by annealing the silver thin film on a quartz substrate. Z-scan technique is carried to measure the nonlinear absorption of the samples. The measured result show that the nonlinear absorption of GSS film can be enhanced by 2 folds at 532 nm laser excitation. This method of enhancing nonlinearity of materials have avoided the complex lithography technique and reduced the cost in fabrication, providing a new way in achieving the high throughput fabrication for nonlinear optical devices.


Nonlinear optics, reverse saturated absorption, chalcogenide