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Research on Fault Analysis Technology of Hydraulic Generator Set

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DOI: 10.25236/isaiee.2020.025


Yuanbo Wang, Ziyu Qu, Wentao Mao

Corresponding Author

Yuanbo Wang


The thrust of the hydropower plant and the temperature measurement resistance of each guide bearing tile are important sensors in the hydropower plant, and the operation of the temperature measurement resistance directly affects the safe operation of the generator set. In this paper, aiming at the problems of wire breaking and the measured value reaching the maximum in the operation of the temperature measuring resistance in Liujiaxia Hydropower Plant, the faults are solved by improving the temperature measuring resistance, standardizing the installation and wiring of the temperature measuring resistance, improving the outlet device of the oil tank, and adopting redundant configuration at the important monitoring points, which provides experience for dealing with similar faults.


Bearing temperature measuring resistance, fault causes, improvement measures