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Fire Risk Analysis for Urban Traffic Link Tunnel

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DOI: 10.25236/isaiee.2020.022


Yao Xiaolin

Corresponding Author

Yao Xiaolin


Law of fire smoke spread in the urban traffic link tunnel (UTLT) was used as a research subject under different ventilation and smoke extraction conditions. 6 fire scenarios were set to simulate by fire simulation software (FDS). By combining theoretical analysis with numerical simulation, the change of fire smoke temperature, spreading law and visibility were analyzed. The results prove that: semi-transverse ventilation in the range of 300 meters has a remarkable effect on controlling the spread of fire smoke. Fire smoke can be contained within the exhaust area when air change rate is 12 times per hour. This result will play a guiding role for smoke control system.


Urban Traffic Link Tunnel (UTLT), Semi-transverse Ventilation, Fire Smoke, FDS