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Ship Motion Parameters Estimation and Refocusing Method with Geosynchronous Synthetic Aperture Radar Image Sequences

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DOI: 10.25236/isaiee.2020.012


Chao Dai, Qingjun Zhang, Baoguo Yan, Zhiyong Suo, Bin Cai

Corresponding Author

Zhiyong Suo


Geosynchronous synthetic aperture radar (GEOSAR) is a powerful and wide-covered remote sensing system. The main characteristic of GEOSAR is the long synthetic aperture time and the wide-covered scene, which is suitable for ship detection and tracking. In this paper, the ship detection with constant false alarm rate (CFAR) is executed by using GEOSAR image sequences of sub-apertures based on the statistical characteristics of sub-aperture sea clutter, then the ship centroid estimation method of each image sequence is proposed by the ship amplitude weighting of the detection results, i.e., the coordinates of detected ship locations. Amplitude weighting reduces the fluctuations of the ship centroid, which is useful for ship motion parameters estimation and refocusing. Finally, the ship motion parameters are iteratively estimated by the detection results between the all of adjacent sub-aperture SAR image sequences. The simulated results validate the effectiveness of the proposed procedure.


Geosynchronous synthetic aperture radar (GEOSAR), ship detection, image sequences, constant false alarm rate (CFAR), amplitude weighting