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Introduction to the Predictive Policing of the United States and its Enlightenment to China

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DOI: 10.25236/isaiee.2020.006


Jiapeng Song, Lingyu Nie

Corresponding Author

Jiapeng Song


The impact of big data on policing is multifaceted, which is especially evident for intelligence. At the same time, crime has also become characterized by diversification, virtualization, and organization. After the United States developed the policing model of COMPSTAT in the 1990s, people realized the importance of intelligence-led for predictive policing, and subsequently developed a large number of software and methods to support crime prediction. In 2013, the RAND report made a detailed explanation of the US criminal intelligence forecasting model. In recent years, China's big data development ranks among the top in the world. However, due to the relative gaps and technical limitations of the police model, we can not combine both successfully. Drawing on the successful experience of the United States, China must not only draw on the experience of the professional analysis and forecasting team, integrate big data into police work, and construct criminal intelligence forecasting systems, but also pay attention to the actual national conditions.


America, policing prediction, prediction of crime intelligence, big data, analysis of intelligence, policing work of China