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Application of wireless sensor network based on blockchain architecture technology in action capture

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DOI: 10.25236/isaiee.2020.005


Jingyang Cao, Shirong Yin, Tianhong Luo

Corresponding Author

Tianhong Luo


in recent years, with the continuous development of mobile Internet, intelligent terminal and cloud computing, the application of various sensor terminals (such as intelligent wearable devices, smart cars, smart home) tends to mature. All kinds of sensor terminals have the characteristics of mobility and miniaturization, and their communication channels are more dependent on wireless network, and the data transmission mode is more flexible. At the same time, wireless sensor terminals also face various security problems. This paper will focus on the wireless terminal security technology based on the blockchain technology, and propose a wireless terminal security architecture based on the blockchain technology system, and research from the data layer blockchain data structure definition, network layer distributed networking design, consensus layer efficient consensus algorithm design, application layer monitoring and auditing and other aspects. This paper studies the real-time follow-up of blockchain technology development, laying a technical foundation for wireless terminal security system, and providing new ideas for wireless terminal security research.


Blockchain, wireless sensor network, cloud computing