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Research on Operation Safety Evaluation for Terminal Area Airspace System Based on Set Pair Analysis Method

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DOI: 10.25236/isaiee.2020.002


Qian Wang, Pingni Liu, Runze Guo, Xiangwei Meng

Corresponding Author

Qian Wang


Concerning the situation that the operation safety evaluation has a lot of uncertainties and dynamics for terminal area airspace system, Set Pair Analysis (SPA) is introduced to use in dynamic evaluation of airspace safety. In the method, firstly, on the basis of system analysis, the operation safety evaluation index system for terminal area airspace system is established from four aspects: human, equipment, environment and management. Then based on this the relationship degree of SPA was adopted to represent the uncertainty knowledge, and the relationship degree value was used to divide the operation safety level of terminal area airspace system. The example shows that, the established model can accurately portray the dynamic change characteristics of operation safety for terminal area airspace system.


Terminal Area, Airspace System, Set Pair Analysis, Operation Safety, Contact Degree