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Exploration the Ideological and Political Education in College Curriculum Based on the Concept of Ecological Civilization——A Case Study of Engineering Ethics

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.193


Wei Qiu, Jun Nan, Bingfeng Liu, Guangzhi Wang, Chongwei Cui, Ning Shi

Corresponding Author

Wei Qiu


How to strengthen the ideological and political courses construction in college?It should be guided by the ecological civilization construction and value shaping, combined with the model by salutary influence of education. It also integrates the characteristics of college teaching and curriculum construction under the new situation, and insists on establishing morality education and all-round Development. With the rapid development of social economy, the engineering ethics issues are increasingly prominent. It explores the teaching reform of Engineering Ethics and innovates the teaching model. It also integrates the ideological and political elements in an all-round way, and strengthens to train students' engineering ethics awareness. By the way, it will cultivate the social responsibility of engineering talents, penetrate the core values of socialism in all aspects of education and teaching, and enhance the future engineer’s comprehensive literacy.


Ecological Civilization, Ideological and Political Courses, Engineering Ethics, Engineering Talent