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Analysis and optimization of influencing factors of urban rail transit capacity

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.191


Hongting Liu

Corresponding Author

Hongting Liu


The rapid development of the national economy has accelerated the pace of urbanization, and the contradiction between the development of cities and the pressure brought by traffic is increasingly complex. How to solve the high density of population circulation has become a huge problem. Since the birth of London Metropolitan subway in 1863, the subway plays an increasingly important role in urban transportation. Nowadays, subway is in a period of continuous expansion of scale, continuous improvement of system and continuous improvement of service quality. Of course, there are some problems in the operation of subway in many cities. As a very important means of transportation, the influencing factors of its transport capacity are worth exploring and studying. With the development of China's economy, the process of urbanization is speeding up, and the number of urban population continues to increase. At the same time, the traffic pressure in urban areas has increased significantly. Traffic congestion has become the normal of urban economic development. Ecological environment pollution and resource shortage are increasingly prominent. In order to solve these problems and promote the sustainable and healthy development of urban economy, urban rail transit projects have been started in various regions, among which subway is a typical representative. In the actual operation process, the transport capacity of the subway will be affected by many factors. Therefore, the relevant departments should strengthen the analysis and research, formulate reasonable strategies, and promote the comprehensive improvement of the subway transportation capacity, so as to play its due role in the urban transportation system


Metro rail transit, Transport capacity, Influencing factors, Strateg