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Spatiality of Higashino Keigo's Hometown Memory and Fictional Narration

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.188


Yaoqi Cui

Corresponding Author

Yaoqi Cui


Long Diyong pointed out in the book "Spatial Narratives": due to memory is one of the most basic psychological activities of writers in creation and has spatial characteristics, this kind of memory is used to select and organize when creating events, and narrative fictional works written, will inevitably have certain spatial characteristics. The spatiality of memory has an impact on fictional narratives, not only at the content or theme level, but also at the structure or form level. As the starting point of the writer's memory, his hometown has a profound influence on the writer's literary creation. This article aims to start with Osaka, the hometown of the writer's childhood memories, and to explore how Osaka, as a spatial representation, can be recalled and reconstructed in the content, form and theme of its fictional narrative text.


Higashino Keigo, hometown memory, fictional narration, spatiality