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Task-driven Approach and Its Application in College Japanese Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.186


Xiaoling Yu

Corresponding Author

Xiaoling Yu


The task-driven approach absorbs the advantages of multiple teaching methods, can make students have strong language learning motivation, and improve their comprehensive language application ability and autonomous learning ability in the process of completing tasks. This article is guided by basic theories and follows the application principles of task-driven method. It mainly studies three contents: First, the design of university Japanese teaching process. It is including pre-task phase, task chain phase and post-task phase. The second is the design of university Japanese teaching content. It is including theme-based, knowledge-based and project-based. The third is the application strategy of university Japanese teaching. It is including the creation of Japanese learning situations, cultivating students' collaborative learning ability, designing Japanese teaching tasks of different levels of difficulty, and adopting diversified teaching evaluation methods.


Task-driven approach, college Japanese teaching, process design, content design, application strategy