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Teaching Reform on "Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature" Under the Background of "Curriculum Ideology and Politics"

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.185


Na Liu

Corresponding Author

Na Liu


"Curriculum Ideological and Political" is a new concept of all-staff education and full-course education, and it is also an important measure to implement the fundamental task of fostering virtue through education. The teaching reform of "Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature" integrates ideological and political education into appreciation, creativity and writing, enhances the appeal of ideological and political education, and expands the coverage of ideological and political education. On the basis of a deep understanding of the basic principles of "Curriculum Ideology and Politics", the teaching reform measures of "Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature" under the background of "Curriculum Ideology and Politics" are put forward: clarify the ideological and political education goals of the course, cultivate students' patriotism and give full play to them. The role of the second classroom is to integrate the content of ideal and belief education.


Curriculum ideology and politics, Chinese modern and contemporary literature, teaching reform, measures