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Strategy on Cultural Penetration for College Japanese Teaching on the Background of Cultural Difference

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.184


Kun Teng

Corresponding Author

Kun Teng


In university Japanese teaching, it summarize the similarities and differences between Chinese and Japanese languages and cultures, help students form a clear cross-cultural awareness, and let students have a full understanding of cultural differences, so that Japanese learning can be promoted on the basis of respecting and adapting to cultural differences. This article analyzes the differences between the two languages in terms of poor language expression, behavioral styles, aesthetic awareness, and thinking styles. It follows the principles of two-way penetration, mutual respect, cultural contrast, gradual progress, and advancement with the times. It proposes the background of differences cultural penetration strategy: guide students to establish cultural relativity views, carry out a variety of extracurricular practical activities, give full play to the advantages of modern education technology, combine cultural teaching with language teaching, and organize students to carry out cultural research and cultural works research.


Cultural difference, college Japanese, culture teaching, penetration strategy