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Research on Teaching Reform for College English Writing under the Guidance of OBE Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.183


Yanjia Xu

Corresponding Author

Yanjia Xu


OBE is the unique foreign language teaching theory, emphasizing the main body status of students, encouraging students to arrange flexible time to study, in order to achieve efficient results and output goals. OBE theory provides new perspective for the design and implementation of college English writing teaching, which helps to stimulate students' interest and enthusiasm and improve the efficiency of writing teaching. Aiming at the problems in college English writing teaching, based on the OBE theory, we propose to lead college English writing teaching reform measures: use micro-classes as tool to carry out college English writing teaching, adopt flipped classroom-based college English writing teaching model, and develop English writing ability-related multiple training, diversified evaluations based on process evaluation, and construct college English writing teaching corpus suitable for OBE.


OBE, theoretical framework, college English, writing teaching, teaching reform