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Research on New Ideas of Wind Music Teaching Reform in Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.182


Yan Zhao

Corresponding Author

Yan Zhao


With its unique musical characteristics and performance methods, wind music plays an important role in contemporary symphony orchestra performance. As an important part of music education, wind music teaching reform directly affects the overall level of music education. Turning boring theories into vivid and interesting and easy to accept is the direction of teaching reform and hard exploration. In view of the relatively lagging teaching concepts of wind music teaching, insufficient investment in teaching resources, outdated teaching methods and limited teacher capacity, new ideas for reform of wind music education in colleges and universities are proposed: strengthening basic skills training, strengthening relevant knowledge learning, strengthening the theory of music background, cultivate innovation ability, pay attention to psychological effects, comprehensively improve music literacy, carry out a variety of practical teaching, and play the role of modern education technology.


Wind music, teaching reform, problem analysis, new ideas