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Research on Present Situation and Strategies for English Translation of National Minority Classics under the Cross-cultural Perspective

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.178


Zhihui Man

Corresponding Author

Zhihui Man


The translation of classics into English builds a communication bridge between the Chinese national culture and the world. The global economic globalization and cultural diversification development trends provide good opportunities for national minority classics to go to the world. Guided by translation theory, this article points out the basic method of translation from a cross-cultural perspective, investigates the present situation of the translation of national minority classics into English from a cross-cultural perspective, and proposes specific solutions to the present problems of English translation of national minority classics from a cross-cultural perspective. Strategies: do a good job in the selection and adaptation of the communicative context of translation, use schema theory to translate from the height of thinking and cultural cognition, avoid the lack of cultural connotation caused by two translations, strengthen the discipline construction of translation of classics and the cultivation of translation talents.


Cross-cultural perspective, national minority, English translation of classics, present situation, strategies