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Research on the Cultivation Strategies of Chinese Traditional Culture Identity of International Students in China

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.170


Tingyu Li, Zijun Cheng, Fei Li

Corresponding Author

Fei Li


In recent years, with the significant improvement of China's comprehensive national strength, more foreigners have come to China to study and work. They come to China to face very big language and cultural differences, especially cultural differences make many overseas production students uncomfortable, even cultural shock appeared. In order to alleviate the various problems brought about by cultural differences, it is necessary to cultivate students' sense of identity with Chinese traditional culture, so that they can accept Chinese culture from the heart and integrate into Chinese culture. This paper analyzes the status quo of cultural identity of international students in China, and proposes solutions to the problems.


Overseas students, Chinese traditional culture, Identity