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Cross-border E-commerce Financing Problems and Countermeasures under the Background of "Belt and Road"

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.169


Jinghong Zhao

Corresponding Author

Jinghong Zhao


The launch of "Belt and Road" accords with the development trend of common progress of mankind. As a result of mutual economic integration, it conforms to the common aspirations of all countries to pursue openness and mutual benefit, which facilitates commercial and trade exchanges among countries. In particular, it offers important opportunities for our cross-border e-commerce enterprises to enter the international market and participate in international competition and cooperation. However, while cross-border e-commerce enterprises participate in “Belt and Road” initiative, increasingly prominent financing problems show up, which in turn restricts the capital export of such enterprises in foreign trade. The paper first points out capital shortage of cross-border e-commerce enterprises in the "Belt and Road" initiative, and then proposes corresponding countermeasures and suggestions to help cross-border enterprises access more convenient and safer funds in the "Belt and Road" development process, which will secure a benign capital flow for enterprise development and guarantee stable corporate development.


"Belt and Road", cross-border e-commerce, financing