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Domestic Legal Regulations on Online Short Videos

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.168


Xiangxiu Wang, Xiaowei Chen

Corresponding Author

Xiangxiu Wang


In recent years, short video industry has become a new force in domestic online audio-visual industry, with rapid development and continually increasing popularity. Internet short videos feature short duration, simple production, and diverse contents. Along with the development of online short videos, many challenges and problems have emerged, such as uneven quality of video contents, plagiarism and infringement in some videos. Although China has already formulated many relevant laws and regulations on online audio-visual industry, shortcomings are still present. In this regard, China need improve the supervision mechanism against short videos; perfect relevant legislation to protect minors from harmful short videos. In addition, we must also severely crack down on infringing short videos.


Short video, Dilemma, Supervision, Legal regulation