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Research on Art Intervention in Rural Cultural Construction

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.167


Lijuan Jiao, Jihui Qu, Xiuli Ge

Corresponding Author

Xiuli Ge


The involvement of art in the construction of rural culture has now become an effective measure to beautify the rural landscape, reshape the rural value, and promote sustainable rural development. Due to the complicated nature of involving artistic methods in rural cultural construction, this article starts with the summary of the experience of art intervention in rural culture construction in China and other countries, and analyses the specific strategies of art intervention in rural cultural construction. It is suggested that typical rural folk arts and creative artistic design of rural residential space can be deeply explored. In addition, this article analyses the key strategies to combine artistic creation with rural agricultural product sales and regional tourism to further promote the sustainable development of rural economy and the environment. This article also points out that art intervention in rural cultural construction should be closely integrated with local economic development, cultural inheritance, and environmental improvement. It is believed that those art intervention methods that are deeply rooted in local culture can greatly push forward the sustainable economic, cultural and environmental development in the rural areas.


Art intervention, Rural cultural construction, Sustainable development