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Study on Soil Nutrients and Beneficial Microbe Cultivation of Grape Root Zone in Sandy Non Cultivated Land

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DOI: 10.25236/civeb.2020.024


Chen Xuehong

Corresponding Author

Chen Xuehong


The western region of China has a vast area and a magnificent territory, but most of them are sandy non cultivated land. At the same time, the western region is also an important base for grape planting and derivative production, so the development and utilization of sand gravel non cultivated land is imminent, which is not only the industrial upgrading in the western region, but also an important way for China's further economic development. In this paper, through the discussion of the related concepts of sand gravel non cultivated land, the current soil analysis methods are analyzed, and the analysis methods of beneficial microorganisms are discussed. At the same time, this kind of soil is sampled and collected, and it is analyzed. The conclusion is that the sandy non cultivated land soil fertility is not enough, and the content of beneficial microorganisms is low, so it is necessary to pay attention to the level in the process of planting and fertilizing Balanced fertilization.


Sandy Soil, Root Zone Soil, Beneficial Microorganism, Soil Fertility