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Application of BIM Technology in Concrete Structure Design

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DOI: 10.25236/civeb.2020.023


Xiaoni Wang, Yijun Lu, Yuanyuan Yan

Corresponding Author

Xiaoni Wang


Nowadays, China's social economy has been developing rapidly, the growth rate of population is also faster and faster, the industrialization of construction industry is becoming more and more important. The application of prefabricated structure in construction engineering is more and more, and the market also puts forward higher requirements for its precision and complexity. Therefore, researchers can use the corresponding technology to study the three-dimensional structure of the building, and build the information-based building model on the real building structure, so that the traditional two-dimensional structure building is again attractive in essence, and enhance the three-dimensional sense of the building itself in the construction field. BIM Technology Based on information technology can simulate the whole life cycle of buildings, so as to optimize the design of construction projects and improve the design level of projects. Therefore, the effective combination of prefabricated concrete structure and BIM Technology improves the design level of prefabricated concrete structure and promotes the vigorous development of construction industry.


BIM Technology, Concrete Structure, Structural Design, Construction Projects