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Rapid Evaluation of Cracked Cement Pavement Repair in Expressway Service Area

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DOI: 10.25236/civeb.2020.019


Zhe Gao, Yao Feng, Qingbing Li, Xiaoyan Yang, Chuang Chen

Corresponding Author

Zhe Gao


In order to take effective repairing measures to solve cement pavement cracking distress in expressway service area which is getting more and more serious, basing on a project repairing cracked pavement in an expressway service area, this paper developed the repairing design and testing design and put forward evaluation criterion and corresponding evaluation standard for repairing. Results showed that the combination of grouting at each side of the crack under pavement and crack sealing brought significant effect for improving pavement structure. After repairing, for pavement with serious cracking, the average dynamic deflection value had a 20%~30% decrease and the load transfer efficiency was raised 3-4 times. D0 and D0/D200 were advised as evaluation criterions. Besides, structure strength in 1m range at the two sides of crack should be given enough consideration in repairing design.


Road engineering, Pavement treatment, Fwd test, Evaluation methods, Crack