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On the Application of Steel Structure Technology in Civil Engineering Construction

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DOI: 10.25236/civeb.2020.013


Minghong Cai, Jiaji Li

Corresponding Author

Minghong Cai


Steel structure technology using steel bar as main raw material has strong compression resistance, which makes buildings framed by steel structure technology more stable on the whole. It is also because the steel bar has good toughness, so it has good compressive strength. Compared with traditional concrete structures, steel structure technology is now widely used in most construction projects. Steel structure has the same advantages as steel bar in compressive strength. After combination, steel structure is more compressive and tough. In the process of civil engineering construction, the construction party is not scientific and reasonable, and the environment is complicated, which will lead to substandard construction quality and accidents. Based on this, it is necessary to continuously analyze and study the steel structure technology of civil engineering, find out the root of the problem, and put forward practical countermeasures to solve it.


Civil engineering construction, Steel structure, Apply