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Research on Lithium-Ion Battery Module Thermal Characteristics Based on Vortex Tube and Semiconductor Refrigeration

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DOI: 10.25236/civeb.2020.011


Kanfeng Huang, Bingyang Jiang, Caiqing Huang

Corresponding Author

Kanfeng Huang


In order to improve the safety performance of electric vehicle power batteries at medium and high temperatures, this paper proposes a new battery module heat dissipation method combining vortex tube refrigeration and semiconductor refrigeration. It has advantages of safety, reliability, fast heat dissipation and uniform temperature field distribution. Through installing and testing the solid model of the new battery pack cooling system, graphs of thermal characteristics of the battery module under different discharge rates (1C/3C/5C) were obtained. Compared with the traditional air-cooling mode, this heat dissipation system can effectively control and adjust the temperature of the battery module.


Vortex tube, Refrigeration, Semiconductor, Lithium battery, Thermal characteristics