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Analysis of Volatile Components of Pu-Erh Ripe Tea Fermented with Exocarpium Citri Grandis by Hs-Spme-Gc-Ms

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DOI: 10.25236/civeb.2020.010


Haibin Chen, Guoan Yuan, Xiaorong Wu, Juxian Wu and Baiqi Huang

Corresponding Author

Baiqi Huang


Aroma is an important reference index of tea quality. In this paper, we analyzed the volatile components extracted by Pu-erh ripe tea fermented with Exocarpium Citri Grandis (ECG). The HS-SPME-GC-MS analysis results showed that most of the volatile components of Pu-erh ripe tea increased significantly after co-fermented with ECG, especially D-Limonene. At the same time, 17 new volatile components were found in co-fermented tea, of which the predominant volatile compounds were (+)-delta-cadinene, (0.52%), and followed by 11-tetradecyne-1-ylacetate (0.51%), γ-Muurolene (0.41%), (1alpha,2alpha,5alpha)-2-methyl-5-(1-methylethyl)bicyclo[3.1.0]hexan-2-ol (0.39%) and (+)-γ-Cadinene (0.34%). Our results demonstrated that co-fermentation with ECG was beneficial to the formation of the aroma of Pu-erh ripe tea, which provided an important reference for the innovative development and research of mixed fermented tea.


Pu-erh ripe tea, Hs-spme-gc-ms, Exocarpium citri grandis, Volatile components