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Research Progress on High Slope Instability of Red Clay in Southern Jiangxi Province

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DOI: 10.25236/civeb.2020.009


Xue Guangxu, Liu Xinxin, Xu Yaying

Corresponding Author

Xue Guangxu


By referring to the relevant literature, this paper comprehensively analyzes the reasons for the high slope instability of red clay in Southern Jiangxi Province. It is known that the shear stress on the sliding surface exceeding the shear strength of the soil mass is the theoretical basis for the occurrence of landslide. Water content is a vital factor affecting the shear strength of soil. Continuous rainfall will increase the water seeping into the soil. Then higher and higher moisture content of soil eventually induces deep landslide. Based on the theory of soil mechanics, the influence principle of water content and compactness of red clay on its shear strength is analyzed, and the slope protection methods are proposed. In addition, through field investigation, the feasibility of vegetation and masonry slope protection measures is further demonstrated, providing reference for engineering practice.


Red clay, Shear strength, Moisture content, Continuous rainfall