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Research on Application of Steel and Concrete Mixed Structure in High-rise Buildings

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DOI: 10.25236/civeb.2020.003


Guofang Li

Corresponding Author

Guofang Li


Steel-concrete hybrid structure has some advantages of steel structure and reinforced concrete structure. It is a high-rise building form that conforms to China's national conditions and has good comprehensive economic indicators. The Hudong Shipyard Technology Center Building is a typical high-rise steel-concrete hybrid structure. This article briefly introduces the structural design of this project, including structural layout, structural analysis and calculation, as well as the main calculation results, and mainly introduces the typical node structure, including column foot structure, beam-column connection, beam-wall connection and beam connection, etc. At the same time, the paper briefly introduced the application of steel-concrete hybrid structure in high-rise buildings.


Steel structure, concrete structure, high-rise building, steel and concrete mixed structure