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Visualization Analysis of High-Risk Regions of Terrorist Attacks --the Case Study of Pakistan

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.153


Hao Zhang, Saddam Hossain, Wei Zong

Corresponding Author

Wei Zong


In view of the geographical environment playing a vital role and influence in counterterrorism operations, the mastery of geographic information largely determines the effectiveness of operations. With the rapid advancement of informatization and intelligence of human society, the challenges and challenges of information confrontation will become much higher in the planning, organizing and deployment of further military operations. The more efficient and real-time intelligence analysis, commanding and decision-making will surely become the key to counterterrorism operations success in the future. Geographic Information System (GIS) with a complete database has become an important tool for commanding, decision-making, prevention, and preventive strike against terrorist attack. Based on the statistics of terrorist attack cases in Pakistan in 2013, this paper aims at conducting a visual analysis of the geographic features of terrorist attack cases and locate high-risk regions of attacks in order to understand counterterrorism situation in Pakistan.


Counterterrorism operations, Geographic information system, Visual analysis