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Collaborative Optimization of the Cultural Relationship between China and Russia under “the Belt and Road” Initiative

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.149


Sai Wu

Corresponding Author

Sai Wu


The development of cultural relations is of great significance to both China and Russia. It is conducive to consolidating the foundation of relationship between the two countries, setting an example of relations between different civilizations, promoting the implementation of “The Belt and Road” initiative, and bridging gaps and challenges in the relations between Russia and China. From the perspective of historical development, the changes of national development needs and cultural exchange subjects are main factors affecting the development of Sino-Russian cultural relations. “The Belt and Road” initiative can expand the space and contents of Sino-Russian cultural relations and can enhance the cooperativity of Sino-Russian cooperation in the cultural field. Under “The Belt and Road” initiative, Russia and China need to promote the further optimization of their cultural relations through concept collaboration, policy collaboration and subject collaboration.


The belt and road, Cultural relationship, Relationship between china and russia, Collaborative governance