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Study on Women Committing Suicide in the Middle of Qing Dynasty: Focusing on Archives of Baxian County

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.144


Mingyue Li

Corresponding Author

Mingyue Li


Based on historical data of female suicide cases in the middle of Qing Dynasty recorded in the official archives of Baxian County, this paper takes women who committed suicide as the research object and perspective to observe this female group. Through the study of female suicide cases, it can be seen that different from the ideal women described in classics, these women have multiple features in different life situations. For a long time, the concept of chastity advocated by the literati and officialdom has deviated from ordinary people's daily life to a certain extent. Although the Xianxi marriage was common in the society at that time, the actual marriage quality was not optimistic.


Female, Suicide, Middle of qing dynasty, Archives of baxian county