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Similarities and Differences between Tom and Gatsby in The Great Gatsby

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DOI: 10.25236/iclla.2017.54


Wang Chenye

Corresponding Author

Wang Chenye


The Great Gatsby, one of Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald's representative works, has been regarded as his prestigious masterpiece for several decades. In this novel, the two contradictory characters, Tom and Gatsby, are described specifically and vividly. Being the protagonist in the novel, Gatsby is such an attractive and important figure that has been discussed and studied for times. However, Tom, as a well-depicted antagonist, is also a quite significant role and has been sometimes neglected by readers and scholars. Therefore, this essay will focus on the comparison and contrast between Tom and Gatsby in this masterpiece. And from this perspective, the reason why Daisy insists on being with Tom rather than Gatsby will also be studied and demonstrated in the following.


Similarities, Differences, Tom, Gatsby.