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Application Analysis of Intelligent Control in Mechatronic System

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2020.041


Xu Wang, Yilong Liao

Corresponding Author

Yilong Liao


With the deepening and development of reform and opening up, the mechatronics system, which occupies an important position in China's production mode, has been greatly updated and improved with the help of the ever-changing scientific and technological means. As an important part of mechatronics system, intelligent control system has a decisive influence on the overall performance of the system. Numerical control technology is the most important thing in modern manufacturing industrialization. As a country's industrial base, numerical control technology and numerical control device will directly affect the country's industrial development. The rapid development of computer technology and its application in the field of NC machining greatly promote the development level of machining technology automation. More and more intelligent control methods have been applied in mechatronics system, and the research of intelligent control in mechatronics system has been paid more and more attention.


Intelligent control, Numerical control technology, Mechanical and electrical integration