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Research of the Defocus Characteristics of On-board Reflector Antenna with Feed Cluster

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2020.038


Jiadong Cao, Wutu Wang, Wenchao Song, Bo Chen and Minshu Zhang

Corresponding Author

Jiadong Cao


In this paper, the scanning characteristics of a 19-feed cluster are investigated using Conjugate Field Match (CFM) for a single aperture on-board reflector antenna on the basis of a 7-feed cluster. The simulation results show that the 19-feed cluster has higher gain and lower loss than the 7-feed cluster at a larger degree of lateral defocus, and a certain degree of longitudinal defocus can improve the scanning characteristics. This article provides a reference for the design of on-board reflector antennas.


Reflector antenna, feed cluster, scan characteristics, longitudinal defocus