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Research on channel estimation error based on MIMO system

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2020.035


Xiaojuan Bai, Wei Dao, Hao Tian

Corresponding Author

Wei Dao


In wireless communication, it is generally assumed that the channel information can be accurately estimated at the receiver for the convenience of signal processing. However, in practical applications, the channel estimation obtained at the receiver always has an estimation error due to various factors. The influence of channel estimation error on system perfo-rmance has been paid more and more attention. In view of this, this paper investigates the effects of channel estimation errors on Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) channel capacity in Rayleigh, Rician and Nakagami fading channels. The distance between the upper and lower bounds of the fading MIMO channel mutual information with channel estimation error is calculated, indicating that the difference between these two bounds is usually small. The optimal transmission power allocation strategy for ergodic capacity is obtained. The simulation results show that the channel capacity of MIMO system is sensitive to channel estimation error. The channel capacity of MIMO system tends to be constant with the increase of SNR.


Channel estimation error, mutual infor-mation, power allocation