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Research Status and Problem Analysis of 3D Printing UAV

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2020.032


Chao Zhang

Corresponding Author

Chao Zhang


As one of the representative technologies of the third industrial revolution, 3D printing technology has attracted more and more attention from industry and investment circles. This paper introduces the characteristics of UAV technology and the application and development of 3D printing technology in UAV field. This paper analyzes the existing problems in the manufacture of 3D printing unmanned aerial vehicles, and points out that there are still some problems in the design concept, raw materials, process stability and talent team construction of 3D printing unmanned aerial vehicles. Finally, the problems to be solved by 3D printing UAV are analyzed from the aspects of structural design concept, 3D printing materials and products, 3D printing manufacturing process, industrial value chain and personnel training.


3D printing, Unmanned aerial vehicle, Present situation, Problem