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Research on Programming Technology of NC Machining Based on Hydraulic Drive

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2020.031


Liyuan Liu, Xiqiao Guan

Corresponding Author

Liyuan Liu


In order to ensure the machining quality of the machined surface, when machining mechanical parts, concave shapes are sometimes finely machined. In general, the processing tool is ball end mill. The G code of numerical control lathe is difficult to realize ellipse machining, but it is realized by parameter programming. The program of parameter programming is greatly simplified, and the application range of numerical control lathe can be expanded. At present, the commonly used programming technology of electronic and mechanical numerical control machining mainly includes machining of mechanical numerical control parts and CAXA manufacturing engineering. During cyclic processing, the tool lifting point and the tool setting point may be separated. Therefore, on the premise of ensuring safe production, the tool lifting point should be close to the work piece to save the execution time as much as possible. This paper mainly discusses the programming technology of NC machining based on hydraulic drive.


Hydraulic drive, Mechanical numerical control, Processing, Programming technology